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Web & Wap Solutions

The integration of Wireless Application Protocol - in short WAP- has given mobile phones an efficient and powerful interface to the Internet for the first time. WAP is required not only as a gate to the Net but also for the download of all types of modern content (polyphonic ringtones, Java applications etc).

Our solutions immediately put you into the position to send content to terminals via WAP and secure perfect control over the downloading process e.g. to prevent illegal copying. With WAPSERVE we are offering a business software which allready managed over 1.000.000 downloads and put them into statistics - and you can purchase it for a rather moderate price!

Our web frontends for mobile content advertising and sales are also available for you. Partner frame solutions allow you to integrate mobile content on your website as quick as you can think about it!

If you want to find out more, contact us please, we are glad to inform you.
Visit , our german sales portal to get an example for a web frontend.